SDT HIGH PERFORMANCE a new generation of brake pads, has entered the market with tremendous strength. SDT BRAKES HIGH PERFORMANCE is a new concept of brake pads that applies all the latest technology of our R&D+i SDT teams, as well as our experience in competitions, to create a more environmentally friendly product that does not overlook its “pure” capabilities. With this new range of brakes, which brings together the best of our universes: “pure” capabilities, a sustainable and environment-friendly product, and a manufacturing process based on OE quality standards, SDT BRAKES has taken a step forward. Aimed at High Performing cars for daily use as well as for sports and regular driving, it provides us with increased braking capabilities thanks to its carbon-ceramic compound, Due to a high level of friction and initial “bite”, the number of potential hazardous driving situations are reduced. Manufacturing processes and mixtures such as “Underlayer” and “Scorching have resulted in a firm pedal grip. Thanks to this firm pedal grip, SDT HIGH PERFORMANCE provides a great sense of safety to its users.


UNDERLAYER; Used in 100% of our pad production, improves the temperature and better stuck of  the friction material, preventing from peeling/coming off, and resulting in a longer life for the pads. .


SCORCHING; burning off the surface of the friction material to obtain a faster setting and reduction of gases, providing in turn increased braking stability.


SDT BRAKES has taken another step forward by developing this sustainable and state-of-the-art product, removing any substances that may be harmful for the environment. There is no use of copper, nickel or any other polluting product. We have even gone the extra mile by reaching level N of the “Leaf Mark”.


SDT HIGH PERFORMANCE complies with ECE R 90, a worldwide brake pad homologation standard for public roads and highways. The pads are equipped with all the necessary parts,  radial chamfers, and noise reduction plates, already installed in 90% of references, which provide increased levels of comfort necessary for daily use.


Use between 0 a 550ºC. Coefficient of friction 0,44µ


Compatible with the following models:


  • RENAULT TWINGO II (2007-14) 1.5 dCi (07-14) 
  • RENAULT TWINGO II (2007-14) 1.2i 16V TCE (07-14) 
  • RENAULT TWINGO II (2007-14) 1.2i 16V (07-14) 
  • RENAULT TWINGO II (2007-14) 1.2i (07-14)
  • RENAULT TWINGO I (1993-07) 1.2i 16V (01-07)
  • RENAULT TWINGO I (1993-07) 1.2i automatic (96-07)
  • RENAULT TWINGO I (1993-07) 1.2i (00-07)
  • RENAULT CLIO I (1990-98) 1.8i (ABS) (90-98)
  • RENAULT CLIO I (1990-98) 1.8i  (90-98)
  • RENAULT CLIO I (1990-98) 2.0i (90-98)
  • RENAULT CLIO I (1990-98) 2.0i (ABS) (90-98)
  • RENAULT R30 (1981-84) 2.1 TD (81-84)
  • RENAULT R25 (1984-92) 2.2 (84-92)
  • RENAULT R25 (1984-92) 2.1 D-TD (84-92)
  • RENAULT R25 (1984-92) 2.0 (84-92)
  • RENAULT R21 (1986-94) 1.7 /Station Wagon (86-94)
  • RENAULT R20 (1975-84) 2.2 (81-84)
  • RENAULT R20 (1975-84) 2.1 D-TD (80-84)
  • RENAULT R20 (1975-84) 2.0 (81-84)
  • RENAULT R20 (1975-84) 1.6 (80-84)
  • RENAULT R19 (1988-96) 1.9 D-TD (ABS) (88-96)
  • RENAULT R19 (1988-96) 1.9 D-TD (88-96)
  • RENAULT R19 (1988-96) 1.8i 16V /Cabrio (88-96)
  • RENAULT R19 (1988-96) 1.8i /Cabrio (ABS) (92-96)

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